If you are in Silicon Valley:

Get to Interstate 880 southbound.

Continue south. Interstate 880 will become Highway 17. Stay on 17.

Depending on where you got on 17 or 880, you may pass streets such as Hamilton Avenue, Camden Avenue, Lark Avenue, Interstate 85, or Highway 9.

Keep going south. You will pass The Cat's Restaurant.

Shortly after the Cat's, you will climb up to the level of Lexington Reservoir. You will see Lexington Dam.

The first right turn after Lexington Dam is the bridge at Bear Creek/Montevina Road. Turn right onto the frontage road going north (back the way you came). You pass Bear Creek Road right away, then pass Black Road, and the frontage road becomes Monetvina Road. Wind your way up the mountain for 2.1 miles.

Be sure to take in the view of the reservoir.

Turn right when you see a mailbox with the address 19395 on it. Take the paved driveway all the way to the end.

Click here to see a closeup map of Montevina Road

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