Pictures of Kathleen and Simon's new house:

Click here to see several views of (and from) Kathleen and Simon's house.

Click here to see pictures of the groundbreaking celebration (February 4, 1995).

As the house gets built, pictures of the construction will go here:

[Pictures are shown in reverse chronological order for those with slow links.]

January 1, 1997 The house is finished, except for the removal of construction debris.

February 13, 1996 We have paper on the roof, and a chimney.

January 5, 1996 We have a roof (almost) but no walls.

Sunday March 26, 1995 Simon completes the Ewok Village bridge.

Friday March 3, 1995 We pour concrete!

Monday February 20, 1995 The site is being prepared to pour concrete.

Saturday February 13, 1995 Tarps protect the rebar and trenches in case of rain.

Saturday February 12, 1995 The foundation trenches are dug.

Saturday February 11, 1995 The chalk outline of the house takes shape.

Thursday February 9, 1995 A sea of mud.

Tuesday February 7, 1995 The heavy equipment arrives.

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