Here is the entrance as it looked for the groundbreaking (unpaved).
This is a mosaic of 4 pictures.

Click here to see the tree felling that happened before the ceremony.
Three Italian cypress trees had to make way for the fire department permits, and the house.
Some were over 100 years old (Terry and Gregory Lucas counted rings).

Another picture of the felled tree.

Click here to see another view of the tree feller. Yup, that feller there on the tree.

Click here to see a closer view of that feller. He is Bob Thompson, our contractor.

Jolly Roger was a big hit at the ceremony.

Kathleen is the bird lady, and the light of my life.

Here she is with Bob at the groundbreaking.

Here is the golden shovel used at the groundbreaking.

Here is Simon with the first shovelful of broken ground.

Here are Simon and Gregory Lucas posing with the shovel.

The barn and the little cabin will be spruced up as the house is built.

The path into the woods leads to the far edge of the property, with nice views of the valley.